Name: Mohd Faiz Bin Md Edzahar

Objective: Technology is my favourite thing since I was a boy. There’s the reason why I would like to help Malaysian Business Owner in terms of developing and improvise in online method.

Skills: Specialist on social media marketing, digital media publishing and website management.


Manager | Lejen Press Sdn Bhd | March 2012 – September 2012

Company Focus: Books & Distribution Center.

As early employees in Lejen Press. I managed to contribute on online sales, e-commerce website and managed their distribution center to bookstore all over Malaysia.

Chief Operating Officer | Vocket Media Sdn Bhd | July 2014 – Present

Company Focus: Media and Advertising.

I’m one of the co-founder for Vocket alongside with my partners. Currently I managed in controlling and finalizing the daily operation such as article distribution, social media posting. Also take care about business development

Chief Technology Officer | Semuanya Bola Sdn Bhd | October 2014 – Present

Company Focus: Media (Football & Sports), Advertising, Online Sales (Sports Product)

Also, one of co-founder for this company. Currently I’m handling in terms of technical parts in Semuanya BOLA.

Managing Director | Webstation Technology Sdn Bhd | March 2016 – Present

Company Focus: Website Development, Advertising and System.

Also, one of co-founder for this company. Currently I’m fully handling in terms of development and financing as a final decision maker for the company Advisor | Lejen Press Sdn Bhd | January 2019 – Present

Company Focus: Books & Distribution Center.

I’m joining back to this company to bring them up in digital publishing.

Webmaster | DethLab Sdn Bhd | May 2019 – Present

Company Focus: Selling anti-smoking device

Managing websites for this company. E-Commerce & brand awareness campaign site.


– July 2016 | Help to manage event EURO2016 for A&W Malaysia @ PJ Branch.
– December 2016 | Being assistant on WordPress Zero2PRO seminar.
– May 2017 | Being session speaker in INTalk 6.0
– September 2017 | Panelist for Dialog Industri Revolusi 4.0 at POLITEKNIK IBRAHIM SULTAN.
– October 2019 | Speaker for Bank Muamalat Sales Convention at Pulau Pinang.